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Instructions to Purchase

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Ultimate Pack:
Orenda International has created three steps that work together to Awaken, Cleanse, and Feed your body to support synergistic, full-body wellness. Together, this system of supplements can help your body thrive as nature intended. Receive the full benefits of the Awaken, Cleanse, Feed system when you purchase an Orenda Ultimate Pack. This pack contains O-Tropin™, Orenda Immune™, your choice of All In One supplement, and Orenda Eaze™. The Orenda Ultimate Pack saves you $8 over purchasing the products separately.
O-Tropin™ is a powerful formulation of plant-based amino acids, with an advanced liposome delivery system that truly stands apart from the antiaging solutions of yesterday. Our proprietary blend of ingredients was designed to support your natural, youthful vitality, and the cutting-edged liposomal delivery system brings those ingredients right where they do the most good.
Orenda Immune™ is a product ahead of its time. Orenda Immune™ is a proprietary blend of three revolutionary immune support ingredients: Calcium D-glucarate, Muramyl Peptides, and Beta 1,3 Glucans. These breakthrough ingredients have been researched around the globe, and pioneering research continues to expand on the role these ingredients can play in supporting the immune system and the body’s natural detoxification.
Orenda Eaze™ is a blend of 31 of the most comprehensive digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics available. The digestive enzymes in Orenda Eaze™ can support nutrient absorption, energy, and overall health, while the probiotics and prebiotics support and encourage healthy bacteria in the lower digestive system. Orenda Eaze™ brings all of these components together to ease occasional digestive discomfort and encourage natural, healthy digestion.
Every Orenda All in One supplement contains important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support the daily dietary requirements for good health.* The All in One Male and Female include specialized herbal blends for the mature male and female to help with the challenges of aging, All in One Young & Active has an extra dose of antioxidants and botanicals for young and active lifestyles.