ergonomic training San Francisco CA Jun1st 2016

Here’s a fundamental truth – the way you sit, stand, and move at work and at home has a huge influence on the muscular skeletal system.

We all fall victim to bad posture, and especially at work. Neck pain, back pain, headaches, eye strains, we’ve all experienced it. But not very many people take an effort to change their ways or finally prevent these issues from happening. If you experience or have experienced this before, then it’s time to revisit the term “ergonomics”.

What are Ergonomics?

This is a big word for a simple idea. Ergonomics, in it’s most basic sense, asks the question “how efficient am I in a static environment?” Often times the collective strain on your body over a long period of time can lead to muscle fatigue resulting in various musculoskeletal disorders (like carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendinitis). The point of ergonomics is to lessen the most possible amount of strain by adjusting your work station and posture.

A Simple Solution:

Adjusting your work equipment in ways where your keyboard and computer help create good posture is now the first trick in the book to great ergonomics. Make sure the top of the monitor is squarely fit in front of you and just below eye level (never above!). Secondly, make sure your elbows are bent to where they create a 90° angle when using the keyboard.

Good posture is of utmost importance, but even sitting in the same position for hours can decrease circulation in your muscles and joints. As a precautionary step, make sure you’re taking adequate breaks from the desk, getting up to stretch or doing simple exercises to lessen the load

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