Healthy Pastimes

healthy past times San Francisco, CA Jul28th 2016

The world is a staircase. Some go up, and some come down. We must ascend. From Accordion Crimes by Annie Proulx

Let me tell you one of my favorite pastimes:

On one of my strolls through a bookstore I found the book: “Stair Walks in San Francisco”, by Adah Bakalinsky. She describes 27 stair walks around our beautiful city. I started to walk them, and already discovered many places I have never seen, San Francisco’s back roads. I come across astonishing views of this beautiful city, hidden places, and learned the history of small neighborhoods. I highly recommend this book and the walks. Even though the walks can be challenging, you can take shortcuts if you are a beginner to exercise.

My favorite walk so far includes the magic stairway. It is a mind-blowing mosaic style stairway at Moraga and 16th Avenue. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a MUST. The author says: “people are entranced by the colorful mosaic tile stairway that tells a story of sky and water and birds and fish and flowers and frogs.” And I was too. Come and see it. It is truly astounding!

If you’d like to tell us about some wonderful walking paths, stairs, or destinations around the city, feel free to email us at

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