Kinesio Tape is Therapy Magic!

kinesio taping San Francisco CA May25th 2016

Have you ever wondered what the tape is your physical therapist uses to tape the surface of your injury? The one that comes in many different colors and is either applied as a thick band or as octopus legs spread out over the problem area? Well, that tape is called Kinesio Tape and it is a holistic form of therapy when it comes to stimulating the lymphatic system and healing sports injuries. In fact, physical therapists all-over attest to the many benefits of it during recovery!

So what exactly is it? Kinesio Tape is an elastic tape used in therapy; the technique of which provides support to the joints and muscles without limiting the movement of them. The real magic behind it though is that it lifts the skin at a microscopic level which increases circulation and causes lymphatic drainage. In other words, Kinesio Tape is known to decrease the inflammation of an injury and influences faster healing.

Your physical therapist will likely let you know if taping is the best method to recovery, but never be afraid to ask! Not only is it an efficient way to leave any PT clinic, it is also fun – kind of like you just got a temporary tattoo! And since there are dozens of ways to tape an injury, it never ceases to please. On another note, learning to tape your own injuries when they occur is a great skill and easily taught. Of course it won’t replace a physical therapist, but it will definitely help ease the pain until you see one.

Known for benefiting injury rehab and lymph drainage therapy, Kinesio Tape has made a grand appearance on the bodies of professional athletes (especially during the Olympics in the early 2000s that seemingly popularized the practice). Surprisingly, it has even shown up in Versace’s Milan fashion week in 2014! But regardless of whether it’s a Versace getup you’re wearing, you will always look great with a taped-up injury. Pick the colors you like best, at Rising Sun Physical Therapy we have bright blue, pink, and a classic black.

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