Natural Pain Management

Rising Sun Physical Therapy takes a comprehensive approach to natural pain, symptom management, and preventative care. An important aspect that we consider during treatment of pain symptoms is that each person is unique and will respond to therapy differently.

We are interested in helping you restore your function by discovering why your body is not functioning properly. We look at the body as a whole from the perspective of functional health: how all the parts work together during daily activities like picking up your child, getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, walking up the stairs, or working out in the gym.

We use hands-on therapy to assist your body in returning to its optimal health. With appropriate exercise and the changing of old habits, you can learn to maintain your ideal function and return to a symptom-free or manageable lifestyle.

What is Hands-on, or manual, therapy?

Hands-on therapy, or manual therapy, is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the hands, as opposed to the practitioner using a device or machine. In manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to balance and stabilize the joints, muscles, and all the different systems in the body to offer you pain relief and help restore your ability to function.

At Rising Sun Physical Therapy, we are experts in manual therapy, with advanced knowledge in:

  • CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation

We strongly believe that manual therapy works best when combined with self-care, therapeutic and fitness exercises, and healthy habit changes.

In addition to therapy for pain management, we encourage you, our patients, to care for your total health. Total health care can include the use of stress relieving techniques for deep relaxation, journaling for health, wholesome nutritional support systems, and emotional support. We also encourage body detoxification to speed up recovery and optimize your healing. This will help your body systems to stay healthier and support deeper healing even beyond physical health.

What to expect in treatment

A therapist will examine the area(s) where you are experiencing pain and the muscles, nerves, soft tissues and other body systems in order to determine the cause of your pain. Your therapist will evaluate your strength, posture, and movement, and ask questions to gain insight into the history and progression of your condition. The therapist may also ask questions about your diet, exercise routine, general stress level, and the occupational, personal and emotional demands you place on your body.

You will leave the first appointment with a basic understanding of your issues, an initial treatment plan, a specialized exercise to help relieve your symptoms, and recommendations for manageable lifestyle changes.

Stages of Pain Management Treatment

Stage I – The Intensive (Getting Relief)

The purpose of this stage is to reduce your symptoms.

This stage is more intense and frequently requires several treatments per week for several weeks. The number of treatments needed per week may vary, depending on the severity of your symptoms, the recommendations made at the initial evaluation, and your personal goals.

Treatment includes manual therapy techniques, re-educating your muscles for optimal function, and verifying that your body will be able to make the changes needed. It also includes learning specialized exercises to reduce your symptoms, self-care instruction, and developing an understanding of how your body works. The exercises and home program will adjust over time as you progress and your needs change.

Our therapists are available to answer any questions about your personalized treatment plan.

By the end of the intensive therapy phase, you will feel relief of your symptoms, and your pain level will be diminished, though you may not be ready to manage the symptoms completely on your own.

Stage II – Supportive Care (Self-Care Instruction)

When you enter stage II your physical therapist will help guide you toward greater comfort through self-care.

During this stage we will continue with manual therapy, but the emphasis will be on self-care. You will learn how to effectively care for yourself. We will help you stabilize your symptoms, and create a solid understanding of what to avoid or alter to help manage in your daily life.

Together, we will create a long-term exercise plan and help you get strong enough to get back to the activities you love. You’ll get insight on how to manage life’s difficulties without losing control of your body.

The treatment frequency will reduce during this stage to once a week with the duration dependent on your therapist’s assessment of your needs and your personal goals.

After your body has been optimally balanced and you are able to manage your symptoms on your own, you will graduate from physical therapy and move into phase III of the Natural Pain Management Program.

Stage III – Wellness (Long-Term Care)

Maintaining the results achieved in therapy on a long-term basis is the key to well-being. Managing symptoms well is vital to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Our experience has shown that patients who participate in their recovery actively, by changing their habits and continuing to follow a self-care program, will have the best end-results. They will be able to maintain the results achieved in therapy and many continue to improve. That’s why it is essential to continue with the home program you developed with your therapist during the intensive and supportive phases.

Once patients have graduated from physical therapy and know their daily self-care routine, many choose to continue with monthly manual therapy for support. We encourage all our patients to review their self-care program with a therapist from time to time and update the program as needed.

To support patients in this stage of recovery we developed our Wellness Rejuvenation Programs. On your last visit as part of the pain management program your therapist will be happy to help you choose a wellness program to help ensure you maintain your optimal health.

Remember, we want you to succeed and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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