Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy (often abbreviated as PT) is a specialized way of treating physical and functional difficulties. The practice promotes mobility, strength, function, and quality of life. A Physical Therapist examines each patient to determine the treatment plan and what interventions are needed to overcome specific health obstacles.

Our Physical Therapists are licensed and use a variety of techniques that can aid in your recovery. We are a highly specialized and holistic physical therapy clinic that provides you with the resources and knowledge needed for recovery and maintenance of health.

Conditions We Treat

Our Holistic Approach

The human body is such a magnificent and intricate machine. To really understand its complexity, imagine the billions of processes going on inside each of us at every moment: Your endocrine system is releasing hormones regulating everything from your mood, sleep patterns and metabolism, to your growth, tissue function and ability to reproduce. Your nervous system is enabling you to tell the difference between a lukewarm bath and a burning flame through magnetic pulses carrying vital information throughout your body.

Now consider all of the ways your body promotes it’s own healing: Your body is preprogrammed to close up cuts and lacerations when you’ve suffered an injury. It sends out white blood cells to engulf foreign cells to protect the body from infections diseases. The lymph system uses a network of nodes, ducts, vessels, and tissues that help rid the body of toxins and unwanted waste.If our body already has so many tools on hand, why don’t we actively work to aid the body in it’s own healing? Why can’t we support and maximize already existing and natural systems? Often times, in the western world, we forget the amazing capabilities of our anatomy. We like to find the quick solutions for problems, often neglecting to identify the real causes behind them. We resort to prescription and over the counter pills, masking pain without contributing to any real healing.

Here at Rising Sun Physical Therapy, we provide you with a holistic approach, something you may or may not have heard of before. This means that we look at the entirety of a situation in order to address the root cause. We then teach you how to work with your body to promote a more extensive healing process. For example, a patient comes in with complaints about a headache. Headaches could be caused by a number of things. Instead of prescribing the patient with pain medication for the headache, our physical therapists will look at the whole body to figure out where the headache is based. The patient might surprised to discover that the problem was caused by misalignment in the cervical spine, tight muscles, bad posture, or even arthritis!

Our various views, methods, and techniques for treating health problems have made us one of the more highly demanded Physical Therapy practices in the Bay Area. A Rising Sun Physical Therapy we take care of our patients from the moment they step into our clinic. Our therapists seek to understand the root of complex health problems and discuss the best method of treatment. Like any other machine, our bodies deserve attention, proper checkups, and tuneups in order to function to the best of its ability. Don’t let something simple limit you from doing the things you love!

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