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Bettina Neumann, PT, CST, LLCC

Physical Therapist


Founder and owner of Rising Sun Physical Therapy and Senior Physical Therapist with 30 years of experience. She specializes in musculoskeletal problems, complex pain syndromes, lymphedema, post-cancer issues, and pelvic floor dysfunctions. She also enjoys working on women’s health issues and is greatly influenced by her past battle with breast cancer. She has extensive training in diverse Osteopathic approaches, influenced by her study with Dr. John Upledger who taught her the importance of keeping all doors open for the body to heal. She has adopted similar methods that acknowledge and utilize the strong mind-body connection, adhering to a philosophy that the body is capable of healing itself.


Bettina graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from Frankfurt/Main University Clinic in Germany. She is a certified Craniosacral Therapist, certified Lymphedema Specialist, and certified MatPilates Instructor. She has trained at the Upledger Institute, the Barral Institute, Herman and Wallace Institute, and the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. Besides having worked with thousands of patients in Physical Therapy, she has furthered her expertise in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Neuromanipulation, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, other manual therapy, Compression Therapy, Therapeutic exercise, Muscular Reeducation Techniques, Pilates, awareness of body movement, relaxation techniques, education in self-care and self-healing, and extensive training in pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Yet in her eyes, there is always more to learn. In the past she has worked in hospitals and outpatient physical therapy clinics; but, after years of experience, she decided to start her own private practice and in 2003 opened Rising Sun Physical Therapy. Since then, she has authored and created a CD album, ExerciseMadeEasy™, with a workbook for people managing lymphedema, recovering from cancer, or wanting to boost their immune system.

On weekends and in my spare time, I love staying active, enjoying nature with my dog, and spending all Sunday dancing with groups in SF. My dream is to have danced all over the world, spreading the love for it and sharing in the pleasure.

Words From The Therapist

When I was younger, I was a fervent horseback rider. My enthusiasm for the sport led me to Hippotherapy that led me to Physical Therapy. Today I have taken my life’s work in the healing sciences to new heights, excelling in various techniques and helping people get results and change their lives. One of the biggest joys I have is seeing the success in my patients’ eyes when they regain the ability to do an activity.


When I came to Bettina about 6 weeks ago I was in excruciating pain that originated in scoliosis, and radiated from my lower back down my leg. Nothing had helped: my primary care M.D. prescribed various medications that didn't touch the pain and made me nauseous; I had chiropractic adjustments and ultra sound which provided temporary relief but didn't last. I was skeptical that anything short of surgery would help me. My M.D. sent me a referral to the Spine Clinic at UC and to Physical Therapy. I'm glad the Physical Therapy came first. Bettina evaluated my condition carefully and compassionately. She taught me exercises that seemed too simple (to this skeptic) to alleviate the pain-- but which actually made a difference after 4 - 5 sessions. My pain is gone, and I am motivated to continue to build my strength with exercises. I did keep my appointment with the spine clinic, and the surgeon there was impressed with the progress I have made. He dismissed the need for surgery, and suggested I continue with physical therapy. I have been impressed with Bettina's knowledge, her encouragement, and her sincere caring for me and my recovery

Barbara M.

San Francisco, CA

Bettina provided excellent care and therapy. Nothing is done halfway; she is careful and particular, willing to take time to give the best treatment. She gave us tips and pointers that have been helpful years later. If not for her, my husband would have more severe issues with post cancer lymphedema. Because of her guidance and knowledge, we have been able to find quality care after moving from CA.

Elizabeth J.

Litchfield Park, AZ

Bettina can quickly diagnose my problem area, and in one hour change me from a cranky lady with aches and pains to a person who feels like I have a whole new body. She makes me feel like I am floating on air. She treats the whole body, getting all the parts into alignment, and also works on releasing tension so that you understand how to make changes to help yourself stay healthier for the long run. Her knowledge of many therapies and techniques is astounding. Try her. Thumbs up for Bettina!

Luna F.

San Francisco, CA

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