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Become a Healthier Version of Yourself May20th 2021

Become a Healthier Version of Yourself with Physical Therapy!

Enhance Your Health and Wellness With Our Physical Therapy Services! Physical therapy improves the physical health of people who have injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions. An individualized program is a conservative approach to managing these types of problems. But it doesn’t do just that – it also improves overall health and wellbeing! Our innovative care strategies at Rising Sun Physical

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Living with Persistent Back Pain May10th 2021

Living with Persistent Back Pains? Physical Therapy Can Help With Relief

Move Without Back Pains With the Help of Physical Therapy Most Americans will suffer temporary back pains at some point in their lives. When back pain is not temporary, however, it becomes a major quality of life issue. The American Physical Therapy Association states that back pain is the most commonly experienced form of pain

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