Priscilla is a physical therapist who brings a wealth of knowledge with 25 years of experience as a PT. She incorporates a holistic and naturopathic approach to her patients' healing process, by helping them create an optimal environment for healing to take place. She specializes in complex, as well as simple, musculoskeletal injuries involving the spine/SI joint/upper and lower extremities, repetitive stress injuries, post-op rehab, sports and dance injuries, and more. Having been a dancer and yoga practitioner most of her life, she has a keen eye for even the most subtle movement compensations or malalignment that can contribute to pain and injury and/or lead to re-current injuries.

Priscilla graduated with a B.S. in Physical Therapy from University of Illinois - Chicago in 1999, MFA in Dance from University of California - Irvine 1999, and a Doctorate in PT from AT Still University 2015. Additionally, she is a yoga (Jivamukti) and Pilates (St Francis Dance Medicine) instructor. Of note, she has extensive training in osteopathic joint mobilization techniques, nutritional medicine, and other holistic modalities.

In my free time, I love to dance, attend dance performances, spend time in nature, and hang out with my boyfriend.

Priscilla treated me after getting rear-ended in an auto accident. My back got messed up from the accident, which she was able to correct as well as give me some exercises to help keep it in alignment. Additionally she helped with some neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. Now, over a month after my last appointment, I am still feeling great. Priscilla is an amazing PT with lots of knowledge, encouragement, and great attitude! Thank you and the rest of the Rising Sun team!!

Sydney R.
San Francisco, CA