Have had the opportunity to work with some great people over the years. A few years back picked up a heavy run of injuries where the usual modalities ran aground. After many years of trying everything and anything, managed to locate a world class PT in Bettina Neumann of Rising Sun Physical therapy whose diagnostic and healing skills are beyond exceptional. The sheer intellect combined with a passion around the science of movement make this is a power house practice that knows how to innovate-just really really knows the body and a fabulous person to round it all out.

PS From a front office and billing perspective it has always been first class.

i started physical therapy with Bettina few weeks ago and i would say to all people who work all day long with computer ( especially lap tops) you NEED her! i feel so much better not only because she fixed my ruined neck within days but more importantly, she has a very thorough approach towards health and well being and is educating how to treat our bodies, how to survive with our every day stress, how to exercise relevant to the work we do and the damages we do to our bodies on daily basis. Apart from her obvious professional knowledge and experience, she is also very pleasant person!
to all office and computer nerds - YOU NEED THE SKILLS OF THIS LADY!