Jul22nd 2020

Ian R.

After a horrific ski accident in March where I broke my femur I decided it was best to start physical therapy early in the recovery process(about 3 weeks in) . I’m glad I chose Rising Sun Physical Therapy because the whole crew is very responsive, even during the pandemic. Initially, I couldn’t walk without crutches

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Mary M.

Jun17th 2020

I have been a patient/client of Rising Sun PT for several years resulting from a strained back. Bettina helped me back to better thoracic spine health than before. This allowed me to continue an active lifestyle including longer distance cycling.

Deniz A.

Jun17th 2020

I have been dealing with IC symptoms and pelvic floor pain for over a year and was taking six pills a day. After coming to Rising Sun Pt, my symptoms were gone in just 2 months!

Landon P.

Jun17th 2020

I had a constant pain/tightness on my shoulder that's caused by weightlifting. I thought I had to just live with it, but coming to Rising Sun Physical Therapy changed everything.

Jun17th 2020

Paula F.

I came to PT because of excruciating low back pain while moving from lying in bed to sitting. This would last for a few minutes then resolve. Whenever I coughed of sneezed while lying in bed, my lower back would seize up. In addition, when lying on my back in bed, I would have excruciating pain when scooting from side to side on my back.

Jun17th 2020

Louise A.

Bettina is a fantastic PT who is my first choice “healer” for pinched nerves in the lower back. She is able to work out this sort of throbbing discomfort 100% of the time in one visit. Her prescribed OOV exercises are so marvelous too

Jun17th 2020

Christopher R.

Before coming to Rising Sun, I was very unhappy with my physical condition. I was having constant headaches, neck pain and dizziness. These things were having a drastic effect on my personal and professional life. Working with Bettina over the past few months has really changed my life, all of my symptoms have gotten drastically better and I am feeling so much better in my day to day life.

Jun17th 2020

Jordan T.

When I first started therapy, I was having a lot of difficulty with a range of motion (ROM) and swelling. It made opening doors, using my phone, and everyday tasks more difficult (like washing my hair).