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I scheduled my first appointment for shin splints at Rising Sun with Marie on a recommendation from my sister-in-law. I am so glad I did!

From the very first appointment I could tell Marie was very detail oriented and interested in my problem and the unique quirks of my body. She did extra research outside of my appointments to find out what my condition actually was and then developed exercises and stretches that I could do in office with her or at home. I am feeling much better these days and feel like I know what to do to get my legs better and get back on the road.

Thanks Marie! You are the best!

Sam W.

I came to PT because of excruciating low back pain while moving from lying in bed to sitting. This would last for a few minutes then resolve. Whenever I coughed of sneezed while lying in bed, my lower back would seize up. In addition, when lying on my back in bed, I would have excruciating pain when scooting from side to side on my back.

Since coming to PT I have had an improvement of ~80% in the low back stiffness and pain.

I feel I need additional PT to consolidate and stable the gain to have made to date. I have learned to improve my body mechanics and gait.

Paula F.

I’ve been working with Bettina for over 10 years! Recently, I fell down and had extremely bad lower and mid back pain and limited mobility. Bettina did amazing hands on work to really help relieve my pain. She gave me a progressive exercise program that enabled me to strengthen and repair of my problems. Now I am back to walk, back to biking and even hiked up Grizzly Peak in Oregon. All with NO PAIN! I felt that the help and healing of Bettina have put me on track to stay strong.

Julie G.

Bettina really helped me with my neck and shoulder problems. When I first came to Rising sun I had issues reaching and lifting and couldn’t even move my head from side to side or turn my head. Now, I have improved 100% I can reach and move without pain. I can turn my head with no problem and I have exercises to help maintain the progress Bettina help me make.

Chloe M.

I was referred to Rising Sun after spraining my ankle. I wasn't sure what the recovery time would be, but I am pretty active and wanted to make sure I was going to heal properly.

I loved my first session with Georgia. She explained everything and made me feel totally at ease. I learned exercises I could do at home, that combined with the work we were doing in the office made such a huge difference.

I am so glad I came in and took the time to take care of myself and to heal my ankle. Every time at Rising Sun was so wonderful and I really loved every part of working with Georgia she is so warm and encouraging.

Alli C.

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