Bridge-The-Gap-Pilates at Rising Sun Physical Therapy with a Physical Therapist

If you are currently going through a Physical Therapy Rehab program with great success, but are interested to level up with your health and wellness even further, bridge the gap between your rehab and sports/job/daily activities, and reach your fullest potential, build a strong foundation to advance your techniques and get your best body yet, then this program might be for you.
In this program, you will
· reach your highest potentials and maximize your control
· advance your techniques and your body mind connection
· use your body smarter, not harder
· regain a sustainable posture, movements, and habits for a lifetime
· reduce your risks for future injuries
· be more confident, focused, productive and be on the winning team

What is the difference between Private Pilates taught by a Physical Therapist (PT/Pilates) versus a Pilates Fitness Teacher (Fit Pilates)?

There is a difference in skill, experience, and scope of practice when dealing with clients who currently have or have had past injuries or physical limitations. These clients may require different exercise progressions or adaptations of the exercises based on their medical history.
Will my insurance, Flex-Spend, or HSA account cover Pilates?
Pilates used within your Physical Therapy treatment are billable to your insurance, as long as your treatments are medically necessary and applied by your Physical Therapist.
The Bridge-The-Gap-Pilates program is an advanced wellness program to reach your highest potential beyond what is medically necessary. This service is not billable to your insurance. However, your HSA account or flexible spending accounts might cover wellness services. Please get this information from your HR.
Some examples of injuries benefitting from Pilates include:
Back injuries
Neck pain
Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle injuries
Prenatal/postpartum conditions
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Cancer rehabilitation
and more