Patient Testimonials

  • After a horrific ski accident in March where I broke my femur I decided it was best to start physical therapy early in the recovery process(about 3 weeks in) . I’m glad I chose Rising Sun Physical Therapy because the whole crew is very responsive, even during the pandemic. Initially, I couldn’t walk without crutches and was in quite a bit of pain. Bettina recommended the laser treatment for pain. I was rather skeptical, but gave it a try. I’m sure glad I did because it immediately helped reduce the pain, I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. The exercises gradually got more complex and improved my strength and range of motion. Four months after the surgery I’ve recovered enough to walk, hike, and do the things I generally love to do. Thank you Rising Sun for the positive attitude and guidance in recovery.

    I don’t plan on breaking my other femur, but if I do I’ll go back to Rising sun. 🙂

    - Ian R.
  • I have been a patient/client of Rising Sun PT for several years resulting from a strained back. Bettina helped me back to better thoracic spine health than before. This allowed me to continue an active lifestyle including longer distance cycling. I then developed a pain down my calf which could not readily be stretched out. Moriah then stepped in to provide Deep Tissue Laser Therapy which fully addressed the problem after about 8 sessions. The only drawback was the need to go there multiple times per week. In the end, it was worth the treatment. Highly recommended professionals.

    - Mary M.
  • When I first started therapy, I was having a lot of difficulty with a range of motion (ROM) and swelling. It made opening doors, using my phone, and everyday tasks more difficult (like washing my hair). Through therapy, I was able to bring my welling way down, which made things less painful, and increase my ROM to make a fist, which made holding and opening things significantly easier.

    The best indication I have to how much I ‘ve improved is that I don’t notice it anymore. Before I would avoid using my left hand, but I feel like i’m close to 100% Thank you!

    - Jordan T.
  • I have been dealing with IC symptoms and pelvic floor pain for over a year and was taking six pills a day. After coming to Rising Sun Pt, my symptoms were gone in just 2 months! Bettina really helped me with getting better and showed important exercises that I can do from now on. Definitely recommend this place !

    - Deniz A.
  • I came to PT because of excruciating low back pain while moving from lying in bed to sitting. This would last for a few minutes then resolve. Whenever I coughed of sneezed while lying in bed, my lower back would seize up. In addition, when lying on my back in bed, I would have excruciating pain when scooting from side to side on my back.

    Since coming to PT I have had an improvement of ~80% in the low back stiffness and pain.

    I feel I need additional PT to consolidate and stable the gain to have made to date. I have learned to improve my body mechanics and gait.

    - Paula F.
  • I had a constant pain/tightness on my shoulder that’s caused by weightlifting. I thought I had to just live with it, but coming to Rising Sun Physical Therapy changed everything. Now I don’t feel any pain on my shoulder and I’m able to lift even more. Celeste and Bettina both were amazing Physical Therapists and the staffs (Mario, Kelsey, Moriah) were amazing as well. Thank you!

    - Landon P.
  • Bettina is a fantastic PT who is my first choice “healer” for pinched nerves in the lower back. She is able to work out this sort of throbbing discomfort 100% of the time in one visit. Her prescribed OOV exercises are so marvelous too. In addition, I see her without fail after any dental appointments. The open jaw position required by the dentist creates lots of pressure on cervical nerves and impacts my entire spine. I sincerely recommend Bettina’s craniosacral therapy. I <3 it!!

    - Louise A.
  • Before coming to Rising Sun, I was very unhappy with my physical condition. I was having constant headaches, neck pain and dizziness. These things were having a drastic effect on my personal and professional life.

    Working with Bettina over the past few months has really changed my life, all of my symptoms have gotten drastically better and I am feeling so much better in my day to day life.

    - Christopher R.
  • What an adventure! My story started with a lot of pain, frustration, and confusion. Here I was, about to turn 30 with neck problems from years of weightlifting with incorrect posture, not sure what to do next. Thankfully, I found Bettina and her wonderful practice, she was patient, yet challenged me with a plethora of knowledge + experience. She pushed me in all the right ways, and here I am nearly 2 months later PAIN-FREE, and feeling good again for the first time in a long time.

    Thank you so much to Bettina and her wonderful friendly helpful staff. I couldn’t have done it without you all!

    - Dan F.
  • When I came to Rising Sun, I was hobbled from intense back pain and in really bad shape. I couldn’t sleep, lift anything, exercise or even sit for a long time. After sessions with Thomas and Bettina I was finally able to do all those things and I feel great! No medications needed, just tailored exercise and stretching routines that I will use for many years with no more pain!

    - Everett P.
  • The team at Rising Sun helped me understand what was happening with my lower back pain. They provided working sessions in which I felt progressively better each time.

    In addition to have exercises which I still do to this day. I also purchased an OOV from them and have basically retired my foam roller and I now do OOV exercises daily.

    Thank you for helping me feel better and maintain my active lifestyle.

    - Bjorn P.