-How to ensure a safe trip without DVT!

Wow, could you believe we are almost in the last week of June and approaching the end of this month already?! Days go by so fast for sure, and the bright side is by mid June, almost all students either in high school, college and beyond are done with finals and most likely enjoying their […]

My Time and Efforts for a Noble Cause!

Some of you may remember my work at San Francisco General Hospital. Thinking back brings me incredible satisfaction feeling to have made an impact in so many people’s lives. For those who don’t know, let me explain. I was part of a team to develop a unique lymphedema education and prevention program to educate breast […]

Empowering You to Awaken the Doctor Within!!

Do you feel tired most of the time, struggling to lose weight, have constant aches, pain, or bloated? You most likely have experienced at least one of the symptoms mentioned previously at one point or another, which is very common especially with the amount of toxic that we are exposed to daily. Not to mention […]

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Are you ready for the long Memorial Day weekend and feeling as excited as I’m! Memorial Day is the day we thank those who died protecting this country, so grilling in my backyard and having an outdoor activity to get moving with my friends would be one of my plans for this weekend. Usually, Memorial […]