It’s So Embarrassing!

Sunday was an exciting day, finally had some well deserved rain in San Francisco. I went for a long nice walk through the rain with a friend and my dog. We returned home all wet from the leaky sky. That leads me to the question of this week is: How common is it really to have to […]

The Faucet is Leaking!!

New beginnings at rising sun physical therapy: We are proud to announce that we are ready to launch our new program in the Women’s Health section and adding pelvic floor dysfunctions. I am passionate to help women age 18 to 59 and beyond to reduce pelvic floor pain and involuntary urinary leakage. I have seen […]

90 Reasons to be Positive

Happy 90th Birthday to one of our fabulous patients, Margorie!!    This radiant woman has demonstrated how positive thinking can impact your journey. I enjoyed her positive attitude when facing challenges, that I hope it can inspire you. Positive thinking can allow you to create solutions to your problems rather than dwelling and feeling hopeless.   […]

Who Are the Low Riders?

Let me share a wonderful and heartwarming story from my cousin Rachel. It shows how positive thinking, a bit of TLC, and some humor will create fun, happy, and healthy lives. “Dear friends, thank you so much for your prayers! My dad is doing much better and is back in good spirits. Thank you cousin Bettina for taking him […]