Building Up Baby!

Welcome back to the second part of Mom/Baby Mini-Series – today we shift from Mom to baby! Fun fact – the amount of time infants spend laying on their stomachs while awake is directly related to how quickly they hit (or don’t) their motor milestones. The lack of ‘tummy time’ doesn’t just slow down your […]

Top Pre-Baby Body Tips

New year, new you? Or are you dining in for two? As precious as new life is, getting ready for a little one can be an incredible shock too. Once the baby is in your arms, life gets even more chaotic! From diapers to spit-up to rolling over at 3am to say ‘honey, it’s your […]

Doing Too Much?

You know it, I know it, we all know it: everyone loves a good New Year’s Resolution! There’s just something about ringing in the new year that means we imagine a chance at entirely fresh start. Have you set something in stone yet? Physical goals, lofty educational ambition, or a personal best you’d like to achieve? […]

Joints On Fire?

The year seems to be off to a quick start – can you believe we’re already nine days deep into 2015? After a string of fairly good weather, things are wavering between sunny and overcast again! Just in time for the weather change, I’m talking you about inflammation that you might be feeling in your […]